Sew-Fab-Foam® by the yard


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Sew-Fab-Foam® by the yard

RnK Sew-Fab-Foam® is a very soft, fabric lined foam stabilizer, coated on one side with a fusible adhesive for bonding your favorite fabric in place, eliminating pins! Sew Fab Foam consists of one layer of pliable, sew-friendly foam which is sandwiched between two beautiful layers of soft, natural colored tricot fabric.

Sew-Fab-Foam® is perfect for the #731 Cell Phone Wallet Pattern, #551 Caddy Bag & large size of the #521 Zip to Shape Pattern.

60″ wide & sold in 1/2 yard increments. When you order more than 1/2 yd, foam will arrive in a single piece.

Directions for Use:

  1. Cut Sew-Fab-Foam® to the desired size.
  2. Place the shiny fusible side of Sew-Fab-Foam® to the wrong side of fabric.
  3. Working from the fabric side, cover with a damp press cloth or the Pressing Mat.
  4. Set the iron to a Wool/Steam setting – hold pressure to the damp press cloth for a minimum of 5 seconds.
    Repeat until all fabric and foam are fused.

*Important Tips –

  1. ALWAYS test your fabric & Sew-Fab-Foam® to make sure it is compatible.
  2. It is recommended to pre-wash all fabrics to remove any sizing that might interfere with the fusible coating. Do not use fabric softener when pre-washing your fabric to ensure the very best bond.
  3. All irons heat differently – The temp given above is a starting point, if you are not achieving a good bond, it may be necessary to slightly increase the iron temp or hold pressure for a bit longer. Test First