(PDF) Zip It Up – Zippers Are Easy

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Zippers have been puzzling for many years. They have gotten a bad rap as being difficult to insert. Yet, they are simple to install when stitched correctly with the proper feet. Learn how to insert zippers 5 different ways. You’ll marvel at the ease of inserting zippers in pockets, pillows, handbags & garments. Let the zipper make a statement on your next project by using decorative zippers. The opportunities are endless. The results are so much fun.

  • The variety of Zippers available today—all about zippers—from types, sizes, configurations to making your own unique color combination.
  • How to “fix” a Zipper or add a pull for necessity or decorative purposes.
  • How to insert Linda’s basic, go to, easy Zipper application—fast, easy, fun.
  • The lapped Zipper—there is a trick!
  • Let the Zipper make the shape of the project.The trick to inserting a zipper at the top of a handbag without a zipper tail sticking out from the bag.
  • Inserting a zipper for a backpack strap or is it a handbag?
  • A nifty zipper idea for pockets or small bags.
  • How to insert Zippers with decorative tape.
  • There will be lots of Tips & Tricks as you discover that Zippers really are easy.

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