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Make Donuts with Plenty of Fiber and No Calories!

The kit includes 2 gripper wedges and instructions to construct a variety of projects. Whether making a garment, trimming an edge with ruffle, or creating a scarf, the versatile Donut adds spice to any ensemble. Judy uses the small gripper wedge as the center of her donuts and the large gripper wedge as the outer edge. Linda uses the large gripper wedge as the center of her Donut and cuts a much larger circle as the outer edge.

This pattern is created with multiple design opportunities. For the ruffle and scarf use soft and flowing fabrics such as lightweight knits or sheer woven fabrics. For the vest, choose heavier fabric with body. Double faced quilted fabrics, 2 sided home dec, and outer wear fleece make excellent choices.

Also available: instructions with card stock template.

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Donut Pattern, Instructions with card stock template