Beverage Cozy Template


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Beverage Cozy Template

Made of Gripper Template material to avoid slippage when cutting. Cut up to 6 layers of fabric without shifting. This Beverage Cozy will keep hot drinks warmer, longer – cold drinks colder, longer.

  • Bigger cup? Use the last holes in the elastics.
  • Smaller cup? Use the first holes in the elastic.
  • Template constructed of non-slip material for ease of cutting multiple layers of fabric.
  • Designed by Linda Winner of

Expresso yourself!

Are you a coffee fanatic or do you know one? Then you need the Coffee Cozy Template. But wait, it works with Tea, Hot Chocolate & anything warm. It also works with cold beverages, too .

Taller than the cardboard coffee cozies that come with your $5 coffee; this one will keep your pinky & pointer finger cozy.

  • Perfect for scraps & Fat Quarters
  • Cut multiple layers quickly & accurately
  • These stitch up really fast
  • Easy to get creative & personalize!
  • Make these as gifts for family & friends.

Includes instructions to make Beverage Cozy