#595GC – Gold Chain for Vest Closure

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#595GC – Gold Chain for Vest Closure

Want an easy closure for a vest, but not interested in making buttonholes? Here’s a simple solution using chain with buttons. It looks like a double breasted variation. You will need 6 buttons to complete this closure. They could be 2 or 4 hole buttons. Shank buttons work just as easily. Take a look in your button collection. You could have just the right buttons in your stash for a creative closure. Buttons don’t have to match!!

  1. Attach the ends of the chain to one double split jump ring.
  2. Stitch the ring to the desired position on the vest.
  3. Stitch the button to cover the ring.
  4. A second button is placed on the adjacent side of the vest

Package includes 3 pieces of gold chain & 3 double split jump rings.

Buttons not included.