#3 Zippers – Navy & Medium Blue – 36″


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#3 – Zippers – Gunmetal & Ivory – 36″

Another version of zipper-by-the-yard. The exception is there is a portion of the tape on the end of the zipper which makes it easy to attach the slider. Kit includes 1 gunmetal zipper & 1 ivory zipper, plus 8 longer navy pulls.

  • Mix colors of like size & type zippers for a decorative flair. Leaving the tape end on the zipper, rather than just cutting the zipper coil, makes it easy to slip the slider on to the tape & zip up the zipper. There’s a benefit to having the tape with no coil on it. Cut the zipper to desired length from opposite end.
  • Use an awl to remove the stops at the top & bottom of the zipper. Slip the point of the awl under the stop & gently lift. Be careful as the tool & prongs have very sharp points. Carefully dispose of the stops. Pull the zipper apart.
  • Place one end of the tape in the rounded end of the slider. Place the other side of the tape into the slider & zip. Cut the length necessary for the project remembering to include seam allowances.