Thread – Sulky Sliver™ Metallic Collection

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Sulky Sliver™ Metallic

You will be dazzled at how brilliantly reflective Sulky Sliver™ Metallic thread is when you incorporate it into your latest project. Sulky Sliver thread is a thin, flat, ribbon-like, (solid color) foil that is laminated with polyester, which makes it brilliantly reflective so you can add the ultimate sparkle to all of your decorative projects. Sliver metallic thread works perfectly on sewing, serging, and knitting machines, and for handwork. It does not fuzz, fray or shrink. If you love metallic threads then this is a thread to add sparkle to your threadwork.

  • 6 spools in the Collection – 220 yards each.

Linda used Sulky Sliver™ Metallic in her Fairfield Garment “On My Way to the Mardi Gras.”

See the Thread Director 2 to assure your thread unwinds flat, without twisting and breaking.