Schmetz Needles – Linda’s Favorite Collection

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Linda’s Favorite Schmetz Needle Collection

The Needle plays a vital part in the proper stitching of any machine. The wrong needle can cause the thread to break, fabric to pucker, skipped stitches, or malformed stitches. The proper needle aids in the correct formation of the stitch.

Linda’s FAVORITE Needles are:

  • The Topstitch for the size of the eye with decorative threadwork.
  • The Jeans/Denim for the size of the needle with heavy fabrics used in making handbags.
  • The Quilt for its sharp point to pierce the fibers in piecing and quilting.
  • The Metallica Double for embellishing with decorative threads.

The Collection comes in a metal tin with clear front. Includes Needle Guide reference booklet, and spool of Sulky Thread. The tin will store 20 packages of needles.