#3 Nylon Coil – Valentine Special – Closed End (C/E)



#3 Nylon Coil – Valentine Special – Closed End (C/E)

Use #3 Nylon Coil Zippers for garments – pants, skirts, dresses – small bags, secret pockets in larger bags, in-the-hoop projects, pillows… Easy to install as exposed zipper, lapped zipper or centered zipper.

Closed End (C/E) may be separated to combine colors for designer look.

Kit includes –

  • 9 different colors of pink, red, purple zippers 14″ C/E. No repeats.
  • 1 purple & 1 pink zipper 18″ C/E.
  • 6 extra pulls

Trim excess length for shorter projects. Use these short pieces for pull tabs, swivel hooks or trim. If long enough, add a pull to make another zipper.